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February 1st

Sigmund Weidisch (01-02-1887 - 1955) German composer

Weidisch, Sigmund
Deutsche Schachblätter, 1952
3rd Prize

#4 8 + 5

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Paul Puchalla (01-02-1892 - 16-06-1927) German composer

Paul Puchalla published problems in the Deutsche Arbeiter Schach and W.Roscher made an appraisal of Paul Puchalla and of his works in an article published in DAS in 1928 (reference: "Geschichte des deutschen Arbeiterschach", Gerhard Willeke 2002, Kuhn/Murkisch serie).

Puchalla, Paul
Kieler Jubiläumsturnier, 1920
1st Prize

#3 10 + 10

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William Edward Lester (01-02-1895 - 03-12-1940) British composer

Lester, William Edward
The Brisbane Courier, 30th Jun 1923 (2521)
2nd Prize

#2* vv 9 + 7

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Geoffrey Arthur Mott-Smith (01-02-1902 - 19-08-1960) American composer

Geoffrey Arthur Mott-Smith [Chess Review, October 1960]

Geoffrey Arthur Mott-Smith was also an expert on bridge and wrote a variety of books on all types of intellectual games in collaboration with Albert H. Moorhead (one example: "Hoyle's Rules of Games"). According to this site, "During the Second World War, he served as chief instructor for the Office of Strategic Services, training cryptanalysts and cryptologists."
He composed many selfmates.

Mott-Smith, Geoffrey Arthur
American Chess Problemist, 1949

s#3 4 + 4

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Mott-Smith, Geoffrey Arthur
The Chess Review, 1937

#2 4 + 3

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Alfred Pries (01-02-1910) German composer

Pries composed twomovers. One of his successes is the following:

Pries, Alfred
Die Schwalbe, Aug 1951
1st Prize

#2* 8 + 10

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Николай Данилович Злыднёв (01-02-1939) Russian composer (Nikolay Danilovich Zlydniov)

Zlydniov usually composes miniatures such as this one:

Злыднёв, Николай Данилович
Шахматная композиция 2006

#5b) Move c4 c8 5 + 2

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Carsten Ehlers (01-02-1971) German composer

Carsten Ehlers
[Source: KWABC]
Carsten Ehlers is a "Schwalbe" collaborator.
The late Rainer Ehlers was his brother.

Ehlers, Carsten

#2* 10 + 3

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    1. I'm afraid that this Kenneth Ormsby Mott-Smith is not our Geoffrey Arthur Mott-Smith. In 1964 when the simul game with Fischer was played, Geoffrey was no longer of this world.

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