Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7th

Dinu Ioan Nicula (07-01-1968) Romanian solver, composer and editor

Nicula, Dinu Ioan & Huber, Eric
Shakhmatnaya Poeziya, 2006
3rd Comm.

hs#3    4 + 6

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Paul Keres (07-01-1916 - 05-06-1975) Estonian o.t.b. GrandMaster and composer

Keres, Paul
Schackvärlden, 1934
1st Prize

#2         9 + 8

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Artúr Havasi (07-01-1864 - 09-1939) Hungarian composer

Havasi, Artur
6079 Fairy Chess Review 08/1944

h#4 2 + 4

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Hans Johner (07-01-1889 - 02-12-1975) Swiss composer

Hans Johner (left) with Hans Henneberger (right) at a chess solving competition in Zürich
[SSZ 1975, page 267]

Hans Johner was Paul Johner's younger brother, accomplished musician (viola and violin) and International Master in practical play. He was also a chess composer.
Odette Vollenweider dedicated a book to his chess carrier, focusing mostly on his chess problems but also analyzing twenty of his best games: "Kostbarkeiten der Problemkunst" (1966) written under the pseudonym Gabriel Baumgartner. The book in German can be read and downloaded here.

Johner, Hans
Deutscher Schachbund 1918
1st Prize

#3 7 + 12

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