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March 6th

Although he was not a chess composer, let's have a thought for Ken Whyld, the chess historian (6 March 1926 – 11 July 2003) and The Ken Whyld Association named after him and in his memory.

Adolf Wilhelm Fritsch (06-03-1897 - 31-07-1972) German composer

Fritsch, Adolf Wilhelm
2575 Schach 03/1957
s#4 8 + 6

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Herbert Angeli (06-03-1926) Swiss composer

Herbert Angeli published mainly heterodox problems. His helpmates feature difficult themes such as white move cycles, such as P0504205 or P0504307.

Here is an example of what we call today HOTF (Helpmate Of  The Future).

Angeli, Herbert
Memorial Bikos 1990-91
Special Prize

h# 3 + 6

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For direct mate lovers we also present a twomover with three changed mates from set play to real play:

Angeli, Herbert
Schweizerische Arbeiter-Schachzeitung, 1962
2nd Prize

#2* 9 + 8

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Jochen Lehmensick (06-03-1941) Austrian composer

Jochen Lehmensick did not compose too much. We learnt from him that Pickaninny can be shown in miniature - quite an achievement for a 15 years old composer:

Lehmensick, Jochen
Die Schwalbe, 1956

#3 5 + 2

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Viorel Diaconu (06-03-1942 - 31-07-1999) Romanian composer

Another pleasant miniature with 4 distinct mates:

Diaconu, Viorel
De Waarheid, 1967
1st Prize

#2 4 + 3

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Gábor Zoltán Tar (06-03-1943) Hungarian composer

Gábor Tar
[ magyarsakkszerzok]

Gábor Tar came recently back to composition after a 30-year break. He started his career with two prizewinners in 1975 (P0505993, YACPDBid=38744).
Gábor recently published also a booklet on the occasion of his 70th birthday. This book "Logika & Harmónia" (in Hungarian, but with many problems) can be downloaded from here and the introduction translated in English, here.

For the blog we will quote a charming Circe miniature:

Tar, Gábor
1486 Rozmaitosci szachowe, 12/2011
4. Malgorzata Grudzinska MT
3rd Prize

2 + 5

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Paul Stedman Valois (06-03-1946 - 15-05-2014) British composer

Paul S. Valois

Paul Valois is better known as an excellent writer in The Problemist, where he skillfully managed several columns. His intense activity in former PCCC, supporting John Rice, did not leave him too much time for composing.

Valois, Paul Stedman
McWilliam Ty. 1964
3rd Prize

#2 9 + 2

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André Hazebrouck (06-03-1918) French composer

André Hazebrouck is one of leading's classic retro experts and was the retro editor of French magazine Europe Echecs. He was the first to show the retro-opposition of free knights (see for instance his excellent Die Schwalbe 1st prizewinner with the extensive solution given in PDB's P0000265).

For the blog we selected the following retro problem:

Hazebrouck, André
Шахматы в СССР 1981
1st-2nd Prize

r#1 14 + 11

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