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March 30th

Leonard Nicolaas De Jong (30-03-1869 - 13-11-1937) Dutch composer

[Source : "Probleemcomponisten I : Dr. L.N. de Jong"]

Leonard Nicolaas De Jong was a very fine composer. A typical solver problem is:

De Jong, Leonard Nicolaas
Magyar Sakkvilág, 1930
1st Prize

#3 4 + 6

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Jacobus Haring (30-03-1913 - 25-02-1989) Dutch composer and Grandmaster

Jacobus Haring, 1941

Jacobus Haring was IGM for chess composition (1990). He is the inventor of Haring theme (switchback of the thematic white pieces on the mating move, in try and real play).

Black correction and switchback are the main features of the following problem:

Haring, Jacobus
The Problemist, 1954
1st Prize

#2 9 + 9

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Edmond Bernard (30-03-1923 - 07-12-1981) Swiss composer

Edmond Bernard find his place in today selection due to the following Zagoruiko mutate which was also selected in the FIDE Album:

Bernard, Edmond
Themes 64, 1977
2nd Prize

#2* v 10 + 8

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ოთარ ტაბიძე (30-03-1925 - 1986) Georgian composer (Otar Tabidze)

Otar Tabidze

Tabidse, Otar
1st Prize

#2 8 + 9

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Daniel Novomeský (30-03-1952) Slovak composer and FIDE Master

Daniel Novomeský

Daniel Novomeský is a specialist in echo mates. We quote a h#5 similar to the top-placed composition that won 1st Prize in Jorma Pitkanen's 60 JT (P1002807):

Novomeský, Daniel
Mat Plus, 2009 (33/1280)

h#52.1... 2 + 6

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Jaroslav Polášek (30-03-1957) Czech composer

Jaroslav Polášek is a successful endgame composer. Although mate endgames are not among his specialties, we quote here one:

Polášek, Jaroslav
Ceskoslovensky sach 09 2003 N84
2nd Commendation

+ (Black to move) 4 + 3

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Сергей Геннадьевич Бурмистров (30-03-1960 - 29-05-1992) Russian composer (Sergey G. Burmistrov)

Sergey Burmistrov
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Sergey Burmistrov invented the so-called Burmistrov combination (double le Grand theme), which can be seen in the problem below. An obituary and homage was written by Evgeny Permyakov and can be read here (in Russian).

Бурмистров, Сергей Геннадьевич
Волгоградская правда 1987
1st Prize

#2 9 + 11

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