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March 4th

Hans Wilhelm Klüver (04-03-1901 - 26-02-1989) German composer and Honorary Master of Chess Composition

Hans Klüver & John Niemann
[© Hannu Harkola]

Hans Klüver
[© Hannu Harkola]

Hans Klüver learnt chess at 13 and composed his first problem one year later. He has been interested in retroanalytical problems and in fairy chess: for instance he promoted Dynamo chess and Marseillais chess.
He also invented the concept of metacritical move.

Klüver held chess problem columns in 16 newspapers (in Die Welt during 40 years, from 1946 until 1989!) and wrote more than 150 articles, as well as several books, among which the famous "Erich Brunner - ein Künstler und Deuter des Schachproblems" (1958). More details in German on Wikipedia, thanks to Rainer Staudte.

Klüver, Hans Wilhelm
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1981
2nd HM

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Attila Benedek (04-03-1921 - 02-02-2010) Hungarian composer and FIDE Master

Attila Benedek

Attila Benedek started composing at the age of 40 and is the author of about 800 problems in all genres. He was also an International Judge and the Hungarian delegate at the PCCC meetings during 20 years.
He published a 82 page book about his career which can be downloaded and read from here.

Benedek, Attila
Magyar Sakkélet, 1977
1st Prize

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Станислав Максимович Толстой (04-03-1944 - 29-06-1985) Russian composer (Stanislav Maksimovich Tolstoy)

Stanislav Tolstoy
Problem, May 1979
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Stanislav Maksimovich Tolstoy is the author of about 500 problems.

Толстой, Станислав Максимович
Mat (Beograd) 1976
3rd Prize

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Толстой, Станислав Максимович
Pedagogusok Lapja, 1980
1st Prize

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Zoltán Laborczi (04-03-1949) Hungarian composer

Zoltán Laborczi

Zoltán Laborczi replaced Attila Benedek as the Hungarian delegate at PCCC.
He composes in all genres, but lately seems to have preferred seriesmovers.

Laborczi, Zoltán
Bakcsi 75 JT, 2008
1st Prize

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Stephen Rothwell (04-03-1969) German composer

Stephen Rothwell
[Lüneburger Problemfreundetreff 2014 - Niedersächsischer Schachverband]

Stephen Rothwell composes in all genres, with a predilection for selfmates and fairy problems.

Rothwell, Stephen
feenschach, 1997 (7274)
2nd Prize

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Jakob Robert Emden (04-03-1862 - 08-10-1940) Swiss composer

Robert Emden (left) in company of painter C. Steiger (right)
["Robert Emden - Wanderer zwischen Welten" page 7]

Robert Emden was a meteorologist, physicist and astrophysicist. As a member of the Akademische Schachclub München (A.S.C.M.) he was the editor of their monthly review Akademischen Monatshefte für Schach.
More information about him can be found on die Schwalbe website and a longer biography in "Robert Emden - Wanderer zwischen Welten - zu seinem 150. Geburtstag"" by Alfred Gautschy.

Emden, Jakob Robert
Akademisches Monatsheft für Schach 1894-05

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