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March 27th

Fritz Karge (27-03-1914 - 09-07-2001) German composer

Fritz Karge was a prolific composer, with successes at the beginning of 1940s. An 'atypical key' problem is the following:

Karge, Fritz
Die Schwalbe, 1983 (4306)

#2* v 7 + 10

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Kurt Ewald (27-03-1931) German composer

Kurt Ewald (far left) in 2004
with A.Steinbrink, G.Büsing, B.Ellinghoven, Dr. H.Axt, Ehlers
[Schachverband Oberpfalz]

Kurt Ewald is a collaborator of Die Schwalbe and another heterodox specialist, with unusual ideas.

Ewald, Kurt & Geissler, Norbert
Harmonie, 1992
2nd Prize

h#3b) wSc1->wRc1 8 + 9

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Ewald, Kurt
Schach-Echo, 1962
1st Prize

s#3 12 + 8

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Wladimir W. Sokolow (27-03-1950) German composer

Wladimir Sokolow is another prolific composer, fond of direct miniatures.

Sokolow, Wladimir W.
Прапор перемоги 5th Dec 1987 (217)
Special Prize

#2* 5 + 2

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