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March 14th

Giorgio Guidelli (14-03-1897 - 03-06-1924) Italian composer

Giorgio Guidelli
[Cleveland Public Library Digital Gallery]

Member of the "Good Companion" and champion of it in 1917, Giorgio Guidelli published more than 400 problems in 2 moves. 70 of these problems are included in Alain C. White's Christmas Series "The Good Companion Twomover" (1922). Guidelli was one of the very best twomover composers of the time.
A few details can be read on Wikipedia (Italian).

Let's start with an easy one:

Guidelli, Giorgio
The Observer, 1923

#2 7 + 8

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This one is more serious:

Guidelli, Giorgio
L'Eco degli Scacchi, 1916
2nd Prize

#2 9 + 10

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Алексей Алексеевич Троицкий (14-03-1866 - 14-08-1942) Russian composer (Aleksey Aleksandrovich Troitzky)

Aleksey Troitzky

Russian study composer Troitzky was a great specialist of the artistic endgame study. He wrote a memorable and ground-breaking article in 1910 in newspaper Niva where he defined the rules of artistic endgame study composition.

He composed about 2000 endgames studies, of which 500 were reproduced in his book "500 Endspielschachstudien" (1924). He died during the Leningrad siege, like the Kubbel brothers.

One of his most famous works involves analyzing the endgame with two knights versus a pawn.

Троицкий, Алексей Алексеевич
Шахматы в СССР 1934
5th Prize

+ 4 + 4

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Waldemar Tura (14-03-1942) Polish composer and Grandmaster

Waldemar Tura

Waldemar Tura is the author of more than 300 problems and has a marked preference for short selfmates, but he was also very successful in threemovers. He has been International Judge since 1988.

The theme christened after him is thus defined:
Reciprocal change of continuations with interchange of the 2nd and 3rd white moves.

Tura, Waldemar
Sakkelet, 1993 (10-11/5894)
3rd Prize

#3b) wQa1->e7 9 + 11

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Рашид Р. Усманов (14-03-1961) Russian composer (Rashid Usmanov)

Rashid Usmanov

Усманов, Рашид Р.
Uralski Problemist, 2006
1st Prize

h#3                4.1.1...                3 + 15

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János Csák (14-03-1949) Hungarian composer and Grandmaster

János Csák

He has composed over 900 problems and is a specialist of helpmates and selfmates.
János Csák wrote a booklet "115 Chess Problems" in 1995.

Csák, János
Schach-Aktiv, 1996
3rd Prize

h#4 3 + 16

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Csák, János
The Problemist, 2001 (H2512)
Special Prize

h#42 solutions 3 + 13

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Alfred Olaf Karlström (14-03-1907 - 03-06-1967) Norwegian composer

Alfred Olaf Karlström was a twomover specialist but he nonetheless composed in all genres.

Karlström, Alfred Olaf
Die Schwalbe, 1940

#13 3 + 10

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Arno Tüngler (14-03-1959) German composer and International Master

Arno Tüngler is a nowadays a fairy problem specialist, but he started with direct mates and helpmates, as many others. He has registered his most brilliant successes with series helpmates. Two of them have been chosen below, but his Andernach 1988 prize-winning Madrasi moremover is also worth a look.

Tüngler, Arno
Feenschach J.T. 1999
2nd Prize

ser-h#6b) wPf2->f4 6 + 12
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Tüngler, Arno
Die Schwalbe, 1978
3rd Prize

sh#52.1.1... 5 + 5

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Yuji Kikuta (14-03-1971) Japanese composer ( 菊田 裕司 )

Yuji Kikuta

Yuji Kikuta is a Shogi and chess composer and solver (and very strong Shogi player - 6 Dan). He participated to a few World Chess Composition Congresses and also occasionally judged the traditional Sake Tourney together with Tadashi Wakashima. He is the direct mate editor of the Japanese problem review Problem Paradise.

Kikuta, Yuji
2nd Tzuica Tourney, Halkidiki, 2004

hs#5  4 + 4

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