Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 28th

Pēteris Ķeirāns (28-03-1886 - 18-10-1947) Latvian composer

Pēteris Ķeirāns mostly composed two- and threemovers.
The Ķeirāns theme is a threemover theme: the second white move gives a flight on a diagonal field and there must be at least 4 variations (star flight of the bK).

Ķeirāns, Pēteris
Die Schwalbe, 1934

#3 13 + 8

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An interesting threemover:

Ķeirāns, Pēteris
Lettisches Turnier, 1930
1st Prize

#3 6 + 12

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Thomas Taverner (28-03-1856 - 06-06-1928) British composer

Thomas Taverner was a direct mate composer. He wrote "Chess problems made easy: how to solve, how to compose" in 1924. Gary Kevin Ware quotes Taverner's book on his introduction about the composition of chess problems. The book can be downloaded from here.
Taverner is famous for his Organ Pipes twomover (1st Prize, Dubuque Chess Journal 1889) quoted on the Wikipedia webpage about chess problems. Most of Taverner's problems are highly quotable. Let's admire a 19th century classic:

Taverner, Thomas
Yenowine's News, 1889
1st Prize

#2 10 + 6

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Sven Ture Ceder (28-03-1904 - 02-06-1989) Swedish composer

Sven Ceder
‎‎"Problem", September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Sven Ture Ceder was an excellent composer, who won many prizes. If you want to know what you can do with two bSs halfpinned, just have a look at this one:

Ceder, Sven Ture
Schackvärlden, 1938
1st Prize

#2 9 + 8

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Борис Андреевич Сахаров (28-03-1914 - 12-04-1973) Russian composer (Boris Andreyevich Sakharov)

Boris Sakharov
‎[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Boris Sakharov composed many endgames, most of them joint with yesterday's featured composed Anatoly Kuznetsov.

Амиров, Талип Хасанович & Сахаров, Борис Андреевич
Червоний гірник 1964
1st Prize

#3 8 + 8

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Manfred Mündel (28-03-1938) German composer

Manfred Mündel is present in today selection for a nice h#2 which is not at all easy to solve:

Mündel, Manfred
2nd International Team Match, 1967 (G18)
18th Place, 1967-1970

h#2* 6 + 7

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Эдуард Александрович Зарубин (28-03-1940) Russian composer (Eduard Aleksandrovich Zarubin)

Zarubin is an excellent helpmate composer, particularly when working together with Viktor Abrosimov. Try to solve the below twomover: which is the correct Novotny key? A difficult problem!

Зарубин, Эдуард Александрович
64 — Шахматное обозрение 1985 (17/53)
1st Prize

#2 v 8 + 12

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    1. Absolutely ! Both records (Забурин and Зарубин) exist in the database "Composers Names in Various Alphabets" and the choice was difficult... Thank you, the name has been corrected. It is Zarubin (Зарубин).