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March 13th

Oskar Blumenthal (13-03-1852 - 24-04-1917) German composer and writer

Oskar Blumenthal

Oscar (or Oskar) Blumenthal was a well-known critic and playwright. The sharpness of his wit earned him the nickname of "blutiger Oskar" (bloody Oscar).
For chess amateurs, he is remembered as the master of miniatures. He published two collections of problem miniatures: "Schachminiaturen" in 1902 and "Schachminiaturen, Neue Folge" in 1903.
Which you like most of the two problems below? They are in fact twins:

Blumenthal, Oskar
Deutsches Wochenschach, 1914

#4 4 + 2

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Blumenthal, Oskar
Deutsches Wochenschach, 1914

#4 4 + 2

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Today by a fortunate coincidence we can celebrate the birth of two Spanish composers who were recently both present by photograph on a Spanish chess blog announcing the rebirth of the Spanish Chess Problemists Society.

Julio Peris Pardo (13-03-1904 - 09-04-1958) Spanish composer

Julio Peris Pardo
[Ajedrez 365]

Julio Peris Pardo would have deserved the title of FIDE Master in chess composition (16p. in FIDE Album). He has composed more than 500 problems with 34 first prizes. He left his name to a two-movers theme.

Peris Pardo, Julio
British Chess Magazine, 1936
1st Prize

#2* 8 + 9

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Jose Antonio Coello Alonso (13-03-1942) Spanish composer

Jose Antonio Coello Alonso
[Ajedrez 365]

Jose Antonio Coello Alonso recently revived the SEPA (Sociedad Española de Problemistas de Ajedrez) together with Pedro Cañizares (president of the Society), Imanol Zurutuza, Joaquim Crusats, José Miguel Plantón and Luis Miguel Martín. We wish them success !

Jose Antonio Coello Alonso did not compose very much, but is known as a solver and publisher - see his recent "111 temas de mate en dos".

Petite, Efrén & Coello Alonso, José Antonio
Zheltonozhko-60 JT, 2002

#3 14 + 6

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Gyula Németh (13-03-1935) Hungarian composer

Gyula Németh

Gyula Németh composes in the typical Hungarian school of chess composition. This helpmate shows nice unpins and selfpins:

Németh, Gyula
Tipografia T.E. II.1969

h#2b) bBc5->bSc5
5 + 6

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Eike Best (13-03-1951) German composer

Eike Best
[Oldenburg University]

Eike Best has some notable successes, amongst which the following is probably the ... best one!

Best, Eike
Die Schwalbe, Jun 1980 (3109)
1st Prize

#2* vv 7 + 11

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Andrew Jonathan Mestel (13-03-1957) British GM, solving GM and composer

Jonathan Mestel
[Imperial College London]

Jonathan Mestel is better known as an excellent otb player. He is also a solving Grandmaster and was World Solving Champion in 1997 - see Wikipedia for the long list of his achievements.
He sometimes composes chess problems of all genres and seems inspired each year by the atmosphere of the World Chess Composition Congress.

Mestel, Andrew Jonathan
Champagne Tourney, Rhodes, 2007
2nd Prize

SPG 11.5 13 + 12
Proof Game in 11.5 moves (after the 12th white move)

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Kenneth Braithwaite (13-03-1958) Canadian composer

Kenneth Braithwaite has composed some interesting twomovers. This one shows a superb white and black batteries duel.

Braithwaite, Kenneth Holmes
The Problemist, 1982
1st Prize

#2* vv 9 + 9

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