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December 8th

Alois Nagler (08-12-1907 - 30-05-1996) Swiss composer

Alois Nagler
[from his book "Schweizer Problemkomponisten", Chess History]

Alois Nagler was a chess tourney organizer (Zurich 1953) and composed direct mates.
He wrote the book "Schweizer Problemkomponisten" (1951).

Nagler, Alois
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 1933

#3 8 + 5

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Ľudovít Lačný (08-12-1926 - 25-12-2019) Slovak composer and International Master

Ľudovít Lačný
[Juraj Lörinc]

Ľudovít Lačný was best known as the inventor of the Lacny cycle. He was the first composer to demonstrate it in 1949:
in one phase of play, the Black defences a, b and c are answered by the White mates A, B and C respectively; in another phase, those same defences a, b and c are answered by the White mates B, C and A respectively.
Juraj Lörinc selected some of Lačný's problems on his site.
Here are two of his twomovers realizing the Lačný cycle:

Lačný, Ľudovít
Przepiorka-Memorial, 1st Nov 1949
1st Prize

#2*SetPlay 8 + 12

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Lačný, Ľudovít
SVTVS, 30th Jun 1954
1st Prize

#2* 8 + 10

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Bruno Kampmann (08-12-1948) French composer

Bruno Kampmann
[Vichy Enchères]

Bruno Kampmann composes fairy problems, often in collaboration with other French fairy composers (such as Maryan Kerhuel), and is the editor of the fairy tanagra section of French magazine Phenix.
More details about his passion for wind instruments can be read here.

Kampmann, Bruno
Phénix, 1996
1st Prize

#3e5, h3, e2, g2: Nightrider 6 + 11

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Roberto A. Osorio (08-12-1953) Argentinian composer and FIDE Master

Roberto A. Osorio
[© Hannu Harkola]

Roberto Osorio is a retro composer and often composes in collaboration with Jorge Lois. He is the retro column editor of the Macedonian magazine "Orbit".
More about him on Problemistas Ajedrez.

Osorio, Roberto A.
Messigny, 2011
1st Prize

SPG 18  14 + 16

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Michael Roxlau (08-12-1957) German composer

Michael Roxlau

Michael Roxlau is an endgame studies composer. A selection of 13 beautiful studies by Michael Roxlau are shown on the Hall of Fame (thank you Peter for the link).

Roxlau, Michael
Gurgenidze,D-50 JT EG, 2004
1st-2nd Special Prize

+ 6 + 10

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Roxlau, Michael
Die Schwalbe, 2001 (11069)
3rd Prize

= 10 + 3

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Olaf Jenkner (08-12-1963) German composer

Olaf Jenkner
(3rd from left to right, between Hans Gruber & Günter Büsing)
[Die Schwalbe]

Olaf Jenkner is a mathematician and author of the Orthodox Chess Problem Solving program Gustav.
He composes direct mates and selfmates.

Jenkner, Olaf
Schach (magazine) May 2012 (17447)

s#11 11 + 2

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  1. Dear Eric,

    you may find a photograph including Olaf Jenkner on the Schwalbe website, see the bottom of

    Best, Manfred

  2. A selection of high standard studies (13) by Michael Roxlau are shown on ARVES: