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December 24th

Eduard Mazel (24-12-1859 - 27-12-1943) Czech composer

Eduard Mazel

Eduard Mazel composed direct mates in the Bohemian style.

Mazel, Eduard
Paleček, 1882 (38)

#3 10 + 13

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Emanuel Lasker (24-12-1868 - 11-01-1941) German composer

Emanuel Lasker

Emanuel Lasker was a mathematician and also one of the very best chess players ever, World Champion for 27 years.
He also played bridge and Go. He wrote many chess books (for instance "Lasker's Manual of Chess") and his "Lasker's Chess Magazine".

Lasker, Emanuel
Lasker's Chess Magazine, 1906

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A didactic endgame showing how to win in this position:

Lasker, Emanuel
Deutsches Wochenschach, 1890

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Геoргій Вaсільевіч Aфaнaсьеў (24-12-1909 - 26-03-1971) Belarusian composer (Georgyi Vasilyevich Afanasyev)

Let's quote his obituary from "EG 26", October 1971 (page 14) from materials provided by Evgeny Dvizov (or in German here as mentioned by Peter Krug):
"Georgy Afanasiev published his first study in 1927 in the magazine "64" . During 45 years of composing activity he published about 110 studies, of which 60 were in collaboration with E.I. Dvizov from about 1965 onwards."

Афaнaсьеў, Геoргій Вaсільевіч
Советский воин 1950

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Alexander Hildebrand (24-12-1921 - 03-08-2005) Swedish composer and International Master

Alexander Hildebrand
[© Hannu Harkola]

Alexander Hildebrand was born in Estonia and became Swedish in 1944. He was an International Judge. He collected chess-themed stamps.
He composed endgame studies and problems. He was the editor of the studies column of "Tidskrift för Schack" and of "Stella Polaris".

Hildebrand, Alexander
Червоний гірник 1983
3rd Prize

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Hildebrand, Alexander
Springaren, 1955
1st Prize

s#3 11 + 8

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Gerd Giebel (24-12-1933 - 26-05-2004) Brazilian composer

Gerd Giebel

Gerd Giebel composed direct mates. He was the captain of the Brazilian composing team for the WCCT and translated chess works from German to Brazilian Portuguese. More details about him can be found on oproblemista.

Giebel, Gerd
Mirador, Sep 2004 (i024)

#4 8 + 9

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Boško Milošeski (24-12-1945) Macedonian composer and FIDE Master

Boško Milošeski
Boško Milošeski composes in all genres and until now has published more than 1250 problems. He is an International Judge and, since Batumi 2013 WCCC, FIDE Master for Chess Composition.

Here are two of his recent successes at the Olympic tourneys 2008 and 2012:

Milošeski, Boško
Dresden Olympic Tourney, 2008
1st Prize

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Milošeski, Boško
London Olympic Tourney, 2012
1st Prize

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A study and a fairy problem show that Boško Milošeski can readily compose in many genres:

Milošeski, Boško
WCCT 2, 1981
17th Place

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Milošeski, Boško
5th WCCT, 1st Mar 1995
6th Place, 1993-1996

h#23 solutions
8 + 10

Andernach Chess:
On making a capture, a unit (except a King) changes colour (more exactly, it takes the colour of the opposite side: a neutral piece moved by White becomes black...).

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  1. I can not reach the website of the link which is provided to Georgyi Vasilyevich Afanasyev.
    Instead I found in German-language website:

    Translated into English:

    "Afanassjew's first study appeared in 1927 in the Russian chess magazine 64. He published more than 120 compositions, almost all studies, about half of them from 1965 as joint work with his student Evgeny Ivanovich Dwisow. 25 of his studies received awards. His studies have made it into the prize ranks in team tournaments several times. His two favorite subjects were ignoring a double attack and being unpinned.

    Afanasiev was a construction technician. From 1952 he lived in Schodsina in the Minsk region, but according to Dwisow he worked in the Red Army from the outbreak of war until 1957."

    1. Thank you Peter.
      I have corrected the link to EG (now moved to the ARVES website) and mentioned the German link.