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December 2nd

Eustachy Wolański (02-12-1904 - 17-09-1969) Polish composer

Eustachy Wolański composed direct mates, helpmates and selfmates.

Wolański, Eustachy
Polski Zadaniowiec, 1929
1st HM

11 + 10

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Hansjörg Schiegl (02-12-1937) German composer

Joachim Reiners & Hansjörg Schiegl, 1978

Hansjörg Schiegl is a fairy and retro composer and the co-author with Erich Bartel of "Krumme Hunde" (1970). He has been an active collaborator of the German chess problem magazines "feenschach", "Diagramme und Figuren", etc.

Schiegl, Hansjörg
Krumme Hunde, 1st Dec 1970 (38)

4 + 6

BlackFollowMyLeader: Black is obliged to move to that square that a white piece has left in its previous move.

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Jan Rusinek (02-12-1950) Polish composer and Grandmaster

Jan Rusinek, 1991

Jan Rusinek composes mostly endgame studies and is the editor of the studies column of the Polish magazine "Szachy". His best known study is quoted on Wikipedia and a selection of his works was made by JMRW.
He also successfully composes direct mates and selfmates and is an International Judge.

Rusinek, Jan
4th WCCT F, 1989
1st-3rd Place, 1989-1992

s#3 12 + 14

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Rusinek, Jan
WCCT 3, 1984
2nd Place

+ 6 + 4

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Rusinek, Jan
Tidskrift för Schack, 1974
1st Prize

+ 8 + 9

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Василь Юрійович Марковцій (02-12-1971) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Vasyl Yuryovich Markovtsiy)

Vasyl Markovtsiy
[Facebook profile]
Vasyl Markovtsiy composes mostly twomovers.

Марковцій, Василь Юрійович
Wola Gułowska, 2001
3rd Prize

#2 vv 9 + 10

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