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December 11th

Erich Anselm Brunner (11-12-1885 - 16-05-1938) German-Swiss composer

Erich Brunner
[Surkovija [broken link] ]

Erich Brunner composed around 600 strategic multimovers. The best of his problems were compiled by Moritz Henneberger and Hans Klüver, who completed Erich Brunner's selection, in "Erich Brunner - ein Künstler und Deuter des Schachproblems". The book can be read and downloaded from here and the list of errata, by Anton Baumann, here.

Several themes are named after him or were researched by him, such as the Brunner-Turton, the Brunner-Dresdner, the Brunner-Plachutta, the Swiss theme, etc.
Turton doubling: a piece moves along a line (rank, file or diagonal), then a similarly-moving piece moves onto the same line in front of it, then this second piece moves again along this line, in the opposite direction to that of the firs
The Brunner Turton is differentiated from the Loyd Turton by the fact that the first piece moved is of greater value than the second in Loyd-Turton, while in the former the two pieces are of equal value.

Brunner, Erich Anselm
Akademisches Monatsheft für Schach, 1910

#3 11 + 5

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Brunner, Erich Anselm
Münchner Neueste Nachrichten, 1912

#3 7 + 5

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Jean Oudot (11-12-1926 - 29-12-1974) French composer

Jean Oudot
[Thèmes 64 no.76/1974 page 1350]

Jean Oudot composed in all genres with a preference for fairy problems. He edited from 1956 until 1963 the French magazine "Le problème" and from 1959 until 1974 the problem column of "Europe-Echecs". He was also an International Judge.
His obituary with several commented problems was published in Thèmes 64 no.76/1974 pages 1350-2.

Oudot, Jean
L'Echiquier de France, 1957
1st Prize

#4 10 + 7

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Oudot, Jean
Thèmes 64, 1957 (186)

h#6g3: Nightrider
2 + 3

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Oudot, Jean
Feenschach, 1958

4 + 2

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Kjell Einar Widlert (11-12-1948) Swedish composer and Grandmaster

Kjell Widlert
who wanted to be a millionaire
and succeeded


Kjell Widlert is International Judge, IM in solving, the Swedish delegate at the WFCC and its Spokesman, and editor of the Swedish magazine "Springaren".
He became GM in composing in 2019.
He has composed a large number of problems in collaboration with other composers during chess composition meetings at Andernach, Messigny, World Congress and more.

Widlert, Kjell Einar
Nordische Meisterschaft, 1970
1st-2nd Place

s#3 13 + 4

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Widlert, Kjell Einar & Ellinghoven, Bernd
Graz, 1987
1st Prize

a7: Nightrider
h1: Grasshopper
b) Move a7 h5
6 + 4

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Mario Velucchi (11-12-1966) Italian composer

Mario Velucchi
[Leoncini [broken link]]

Mario Velucchi is a programmer interested also in Maths and Chess who composes mostly maths, retro and fairy problems.

Velucchi, Mario
Phenix, 1997 (2611)

h#4 7 + 4

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