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December 18th

Edward Nathan Frankenstein (18-12-1839 – 13-03-1913) British composer

Edward Nathan Frankenstein
[New in Chess]

Edward Nathan Frankenstein was a chess player and composed direct mates and selfmates. His best works was reproduced in "The Chess Problem - A treatise on problems of all kinds, with 400 examples by H. J. C. Andrews, E. N. Frankenstein, B. G. Laws, and C. Planck." (1887).

A good warm-up for solvers:

Frankenstein, Edward Nathan
English Chess Problem, 1948

#3 6 + 7

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Something more serious:

Frankenstein, Edward Nathan
The Bohemian, 1887

s#3 8 + 9

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Paul Vătărescu (18-12-1928) Romanian-Israeli composer

Paul Vătărescu was editor of the twomover of the magazine "Revista de Sah" since 1948.

Vătărescu, Paul
Baja CC, 1954
3rd Prize

#3 12 + 11

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Manfred Schreck (18-12-1954) German composer

Manfred Schreck composes direct mates and helpmates.

Let's rest a little with two miniatures:

Schreck, Manfred
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 2002

#4 4 + 2

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Schreck, Manfred
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 1995

#3 4 + 3

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Harold van der Heijden (18-12-1960) Dutch composer and FIDE Master

Harold van der Heijden

Harold van der Heijden composes endgame studies. His collection of endgame studies is probably the largest collection in the world (counting over 73,000 studies as of July 2008 and currently over 75,000) and he is often consulted by study judges concerning possible anticipations. He is an International Judge himself.
The HvdH endgame study database can be purchased from his personal website.

He was editor (1989) and later chief editor (1993) of the magazine EBUR of the Dutch endgame circle ARVES. Since 2007 and the merger of EBUR with EG, he has been chief editor of EG.

More about him can be learnt on his personal site

Van Der Heijden, Harold
Probleemblad, 2001 (44)
1st Prize

= 3 + 4

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Van Der Heijden, Harold
ЮК Ю.Рослов-40, Задачи и этюды 2003

= 3 + 2

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Yosi Retter (18-12-1934 - 20-08-2022) Israeli composer and International Master

Yosi Retter - Arieh Grinblat - Mark Erenburg

Yosi was one of the best Israeli composers, an International Master of chess composition, a very versatile composer in many fields but mainly two-movers and three-movers.
Yosi was also a strong solver participating several times in the Israeli teams to WCSC (winning 2nd place in 1985).
Yosi served for many years in the managerial team of the Israeli Chess problem society and promoted in israel several composing competitions for young composers.
As Marjan Kovacevic noted on Mat Plus Forum, Yosi Retter's "skills in constructing most difficult thematic combinations were amazing".
More about him can be read in Variantim 87, August 2022.

Retter, Yosi
Match Israel - Sweden, 1986
1st Place

#3 v 11 + 12

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Retter, Yosi
Y. Blaustein MT, 1976
3rd Prize

h#2 4 solutions 3 + 11

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  1. Harold van der Heijden:
    FIDE International Judge of Chess Composition (Studies), 2001
    FIDE Master of Chess Composition, 2012

    1. The IJ title was mentioned from the start and the FM title had already been added in the meantime :-)