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February 9th

Valeriu Petrovici (09-02-1932) Romanian composer and editor

Valeriu Petrovici was editor of Romanian magazine Buletin Problemistic (now defunct and replaced by a new magazine, "Componist"). He is the author of a selection of his best problems. He was also the captain of the Romanian team for WCCT8 and the president of the Romanian Chess Composition Committee. He is very keen on historical research about early Romanian composers and also on the Valladao task.

Petrovici, Valeriu
Jubilé Dmitrenko-55, 1998
3rd Prize

s#6 9 + 6

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Petrovici, Valeriu
Cupa Federaţiei Române de Şah, 1988
1st-2nd Place

#2* 10 + 8

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James Grenfell Mauldon (09-02-1920 - 21-05-2002) British and American composer

London-born Jim Mauldon won the Military Cross in the first battle of El Alamein in 1942. He was a mathematics professor, wrote about varied mathematic topics such as games theory, geometry or statistics and retired in 1990. He also composed chess problems and compiled problems for the Sunday Times Christmas competition for a number of years.

Mauldon, James Grenfell
F25 2nd International Team Match 1967-1971
25th place

s#2 11 + 10

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Miloš Maryško (09-02-1921 - 02-10-1999) Czech composer

Maryško, Miloš
ÚV ČSTV, 1969
2nd Prize

s#3 15 + 11

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Maryško, Miloš
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1983
2nd HM

h#2 3 + 2

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Ruth Volgl Cardoso (09-02-1934 - 02.11.2000) Brazilian composer and chess player 

Ruth Cardoso was a popular chess player, several times champion of her country.
She is also the first female composer of this blog.

Cardoso, Ruth
Sinfonie Scacchistiche, 1981 (3728)
3rd Honorable Mention

+ 4 + 3

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Anders Lundström (09-02-1935) Swedish composer 

Anders Lundström had some notable successes, usually in collaboration with other Swedish composers (Persson, Jonsson). He is very interested in interchanges of places (Platzwechsel):

Lundström, Anders
The Problemist, 1980
4th Prize

h# 3 + 14

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Dov Ehrlich (09-02-1938) Israeli composer

An interesting helpmate in 3:

Ehrlich, Dov
Israel Problem Association 1956
3rd HM

h#3b) wPb4->c4 6 + 10

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