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February 4th

György János Andor von Spóner (04-02-1842 - 22-11-1917) Slovak composer

Andor von Spóner was also a politician and a writer. He translated poetry by Aranys, Madach or Petőfi in German and poetry by Byron, Goethe, Heine, Hugo in Hungarian.
One of his miniatures is quoted as no.337 in Oscar Blumenthal's "Schachminiaturen" (1902). Here is a charming work of his:

Spóner, Andor
Deutsches Wochenschach, 1907

#4 3 + 9

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Jørgen Thorvald Møller (04-02-1873 - 20-11-1944) Danish composer

Møller composed orthodox problems, sometimes with noticeable success. A difficult threemover:

Møller, Jørgen Thorvald
Stockholms Schacksällskap, O. W. Robert Sahlberg J.T. 1916
4th Prize

#3 7 + 6

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Andrew Efron (04-02-1899 - 18-07-1967) American composer 

Efron, Andrew
Schach-Echo, 1959

#3 4 + 1

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William Alfred Whyatt (04-02-1914 - 18-05-1976) Australian composer

William Alfred Whyatt
("Problem", November 1957)
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

One of the finest composers of the antipodes, Whyatt was an expert in more than one field, as the following two examples will soon convince you. Bob Meadley (see January 28th) wrote a book about his works: "W.A. Whyatt's chess problems: his life, chess career, friends, letters, writings, and problems", Chess in Australia 1979.
Our Australian friend Ian Shanahan mentions that proposes some Whyatt materials extracted from Bob Meadley's book:
- "The Life of Bill Whyatt"
- "Selected Problems by Bill Whyatt (106 problems)"
- "The Whyatt and Goldstein Partnership"

Whyatt, William Alfred
Olympic Ty. 1956
1st Prize

#3 7 + 5

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Whyatt, William Alfred
BCPS Ring Ty. 20th Jun 1959
1st Prize, ex aequo

#3 8 + 12

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Alfred Gschwend (04-02-1927 - 08-03-2009)

Gschwend is famous for the following miniature with Transmuted Kings:

Gschwend, Alfred
feenschach, 1979
3rd Prize

b) Move e5 f6
4 + 2

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Another instructive problem:

Gschwend, Alfred
Autriche-Saxe, 1993
3rd Place

h#3b) Remove e6
4 + 6

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Олексій Борисович Лисяний (04-02-1950) Ukrainian composer (Aleksyi Borisovich Lisyanyi) 

Лисяний, Олексій Борисович
ЮК М.Гершинский-70, 2006

h#3b) bKg8-->d3
c) bKg8-->e1
3 + 4

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Hartmut Rieg (04-02-1950) German composer

Rieg, Hartmut
Schach, Aug 1970
2nd Prize

#2* vv 12 + 5

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